Tuesday, January 10, 2012

how to bury the past and move on:

My Dear Souls;

Today I would like to suggest few tips on how to bury the past and move on:

  1. Understand that nothing is permanent in life.
  2. Things, people and relationships do change, and we should be ready to accept this fact.
  3. It takes huge time involvement and investment to understand people, so don’t rush into a serious relationship while the scars of the first one are still fresh
  4. Don’t spoil or throw away your own happiness and joy in life, because of the mistakes, faults and imperfections in others.
  5. Relationships collapse due to expectations and very often less realistic ones. so if you want to have a lasting relationship, have minimum expectations
  6. Don’t remain obsesses with what you have given in the relationship.
  7. Also celebrate what you have received, what you have given was also a part of a happy , joyful, loving relationship , so don’t hold on to it, let go and move on !

I am sure these valuable tips will help you all to overcome your personal issues on past and relationship. I can only wish a great life for all my members & friends.

Love, Light & Hugs

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