Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thank you Maa for giving me birth!!!

Today is my birthday and birthdays are humble reminder to me that GOD exists and sometimes GOD exists in the form of mother.

Today I miss my mother as she is no more to celebrate this very moment of existence of human soul. I miss her so much as she carried me in her womb for nine months. She felt sick for months with nausea, then she watched her feet swell & her skin stretch & tear; she struggled to climb stairs, she got breathless quick; she suffered many sleepless nights. She then went through excruciating pain to bring me into this world. Then, she became my nurse, my chef, my maid, my chauffeur, my biggest fan, my teacher, & my best friend. She's struggled for me, cried over me, hoped the best for me, & prayed for me. And than finally she made me; what I am today. I give my life’s all credits to my Mother.

A birthday for me is another reminder that I have to give my best to this world and leave a legacy of Humanity, love & friendship.

Thank You GOD, Thank you Maa !

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